~ "I help Leaders create & articulate clear, compelling visions & goals, and inspire people to make them happen" ~

~ Summary ~

Great Leaders know they need help seeing their challenges and opportunities in new and different ways to make good decisions and take powerful actions that address core issues instead of constantly fighting fires and dealing with symptoms that deplete their limited time, resources, and energy.

No matter how experienced and knowledgeable you are, when you're immersed "in the arena" you cannot see the entire forest from your single vantage point. Those who try to do so on their own are at a huge disadvantage to those who have a great Coach advising, guiding, and supporting them along the way.

I help Leaders address their challenges and opportunities by accurately assessing their situations, making good decisions, taking impactful actions, and creating real change and success.  I help them be Leaders who create and articulate clear, compelling visions & goals, and who can engage people effectively and create world-class organizations they're proud to be a part of as their lasting legacy.


~ Specifics ~

Business & Leadership Development & Support

The "Top 10 Real-World Challenges and Opportunities" I help masterfully address:

  1. Communicating and engaging people in ways that inspire incredible outcomes.
  2. Establishing foundational values, vision, and goals, and then making them real.
  3. Developing leaders throughout the organization to drive growth and excellence.
  4. Identifying and implementing innovative solutions that address core challenges.
  5. Designing and implementing strategies that propel revenues, profits, and value.
  6. Responding to constantly changing customer needs and disruptive technologies.
  7. Recognizing underlying dynamics creating challenges and opening opportunities.
  8. Managing key stakeholders' oft-competing needs, perspectives, and expectations.
  9. Transforming organizations to become and remain world-class in their industries.
  10. Fostering cultures of excellence that can consistently produce outstanding results.

Personal Growth & Development

I help people learn & grow into great leaders & amazing individuals by:

  1.  Learning, mastering, modelling & mentoring the 5 Roles of Great Leadership.
  2. Investing in self-care to manage stress and improve their health and wellness.
  3. Becoming aware of their default states of mind, and engaging in self-mastery. 
  4. Adopting positive and empowering ways of thinking, speaking, and behaving.
  5. Accessing and trusting their own intuition, insights, inspiration, and knowing.
  6. Acknowledging their "genius," and using their innate "super-powers" to excel. 
  7. Shifting from who and how they used to be into a new version of themselves.
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Organizational Development

I help businesses develop into world-class organizations through: 

  1. Leadership Development Programs
  2. Organizational Improvement Initiatives
  3. Performance Monitoring and Reporting Systems
  4. Quality Management Systems and Root-Cause Analyses
  5. Disruptive Technology Development and Assessment Programs
  6. Ecosystem-wide Communication and Relationship Management Systems
  7. International and Industry-specific Standards Compliance and Certifications
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Professional Assessments

I use individual and organizational assessments to identify styles, strengths, and weaknesses, and customize coaching, training, and support accordingly.  These assessments include:

  1. 360 Degree Assessments
  2. Leadership Styles Assessments
  3. Personality & Career Assessments
  4. Organizational Development Assessments
  5. Quality Management System (QMS) Gap Analyses
  6. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Gap Analyses
  7. International and Industry-specific Standards Compliance Analyses
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Customized Training

I design, develop, and deliver customized training based on goals and assessment results.

  • My approach is to provide clear guidance and support in an environment that allows people to feel comfortable learning and practicing new skills, techniques, and behaviors.
  • Training is focused on helping individuals, teams, and organizations gain the knowledge and skills they need for their specific situations and supportive of their learning styles.
  • A multitude of different methods and media are used to maximize effectiveness. 
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