~ "NuView Coaching's sole purpose is to help people learn, change, grow, and succeed." ~

~ Summary ~

NuView Coaching is about having a great coaching relationship with someone who can help you see yourself and all your challenges and opportunities clearly, make great decisions, and engage people effectively to achieve your visions and goals.

Having powerful coaching conversations on a regular basis has a profound impact on your career and life, greatly accelerating your professional development and achievement, as well as your own personal learning, change, and growth.

That's why NuView Coaching is so valuable – because it works.

NuView Coaching

~ Specifics ~

Executive Coaching Sessions

Where the "amazing coaching conversations" occur...

  • The Client decides what topics to focus on during each coaching session.
  • The Coach guides the Client to see from new perspectives and insights.
  • The Client and Coach strategize and decide how best to move forward.
  • The Client and Coach plan and commit to the next steps to be taken.
  • The Coach supports the Client in taking the next steps masterfully.
NuView Coaching

Executive Coaching Logistics

How NuView Executive Coaching is Conducted:

  • Executive Coaching sessions are conducted via phone and / or internet.
  • Executive Coaching sessions are scheduled (usually weekly or bi-weekly).
  • A “default” day and time for the Executive Coaching sessions is established.
  • Changes to the default day and time can be made in advance, as needed.
  • Executive Coaching sessions typically last between 45-90 minutes each.
  • Executive Coaching sessions can be recorded at the Client’s request.
  • The Coach provides notes from each Executive Coaching session.

Ad-hoc Coaching Support

Additional Support Provided by NuView Coaching:

  • Ad-hoc support is provided between sessions via phone, e-mail and texts.
  • Ad-hoc support is to address urgent issues, opportunities, and challenges, and for quick updates, questions, accomplishments, and celebrations.
  • Additional coaching sessions can also be arranged, as needed.
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Payment & Pricing

How Billing and Payments are Managed:

  • All NuView Executive Coaching services are paid in advance.
  • Payments can be made in a lump sum, semi-annually, or quarterly.
  • Executive Coaching engagements are for 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.
  • Executive Coaching prices are based on frequency and duration.
  • The Client and/or Coach can end the coaching engagement at any time, and the pro-rated balance remaining will be promptly refunded to the Client.

~ A Note About Confidentiality and Trust ~

NuView Executive Coaching represents a truly unique relationship that goes deeper than the usual norms of professional relationships and conversations.  Clients often share information and discuss topics with their Coach they may not share with anyone else.  That’s what creates the incredible power and value of NuView Executive Coaching, and it's a fundamental reason for having an Executive Coach.

Confidentiality and trust are at the heart of what makes NuView Executive Coaching work so well.


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