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Leadership & Business Coaching

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"Helping All Kinds of People Be Great Leaders"

My Experience & Expertise:

  • Business Owner & Executive Leader
  • U.S. Merchant Marine Ship Captain
  • Business Management Consultant
  • Tech Program & Project Manager
  • Leadership Ability Trainer-Coach
  • Individual Development Coach
  • Trusted Advisor-Mentor-Guide

Key Issues & Challenges:

  • Communicating More Effectively
  • Engaging & Empowering Others
  • Improving Behaviors & Attitudes
  • Instilling Confidence, Unity & Trust
  • Influencing Positively & Productively
  • Growing & Developing Self & Others
  • Inspiring People to Achieve Greatness

What We Achieve Together:

  • Creating & Delivering Real Value
  • Consistently Accomplishing Goals
  • Continuous & Sustainable Growth
  • Strong Revenue, Profit & Cash Flow
  • Key Leaders & Teams Fully Aligned
  • Everyone Engaged & Stepping Up
  • Excellent Leadership at All Levels
A Path of Mastery

A masterful level of socially-intelligent Leadership is now an absolute requirement to consistently achieve your most important goals. Today's increasingly demanding challenges and highly mobile & diverse workforce require a new type of Leader who can bring all kinds of people, technologies & resources together effectively & efficiently to make highly valuable & critically important goals a reality.

When you're ready to take your Leadership to the next level, contact:

Larry Freed at 410-507-0733 or [email protected].

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